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Blowdrying Curly Hair

Is this course for you?

This course is for all levels wanting to learn how to blowdry and style curly hair. 


What does this course cover?

    This course introduces you to the world of styling curly hair and lays the foundation for all hairdressing. 


    What techniques do I learn?

    • Equipment selection
    • Blow Drying Techniques
    • Curly Blowdry
    • Natural Drying
    • Heated equioment


    Why do this course?

    No hairdresser is complete without being able to blow dry curly hair this course enables you to understand how to blowdry using the correct tools for your desired result. This course covers all the must know knowlege of blowdrying curly hair. The techniques you learn will enable you to grow as a hairstylist and be able to say i can rather than i cant. Thats the WIG LONDON WAY.


    What course should I do next?

    • 2 days blowdrying workshop
    • 1 Week styling
    • 1 week session styling

    Blowdrying Curly Hair

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