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Hair Styling One on One

Is this course for you?

This course is for anyone wanting to learn how to style there own hair for work, everyday and special occasions.


What does this course cover?

    This course introduces you to the world of styling your own hair


    What techniques do I learn?

    • Sectioning hair 
    • Curling
    • Blowdrying
    • Braiding
    • We can cater this course to your specific needs within the timeframe of a day.


    Why do this course?

    Everybody wants to looks and feel great weather its going to a event a party or that important meeting. Learning how to style your own hair can make your mornings and holidays stress free saving you time and money. Our  educators will ensure you feel confident in styling your own hair. The techniques you learn will enable you to say i can rather than i cant. Thats the WIG LONDON WAY.


    What course should I do next?

    • 2 Day Blowdrying

    Hair Styling One on One

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