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Advanced Braiding

Is this course for you?

This course is for current hairdressers or hairdressers that have completed the 2 day braiding course and are now wanting to learn new braiding and plaiting technques. 


What does this course cover?

    This course shows you how to be creative with braiding and how to take braids ino the session world. you Braiding and plaiting advance techniques that can be used for events, shows, photo shoots, clients and for personal use. 


    What techniques do I learn?

    • Small Corn rows
    • Braid shaping
    • Creative braiding
    • Braid Detailing
    • Adding hair to box braids


    Why do this course?

    Braiding and plaiting have been at the forefront of fashion for many years, now most clients will expect you to know how to do some form of braiding and plaiting. The techniques you learn will enable you to show off your skills as a hairstylist and be able to say i can rather than i cant. Thats the WIG LONDON WAY.


    What course should I do next?

    • 1 Week styling
    • 2 Day Blowdrying

    Advanced Braiding

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