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Understanding Blondes

Is this course for you?

This course is for beginners and current hairdressers wanting to learn the fundementals of blonde hair and why we use these technques. 


What does this course cover?

    This course covers how to lighten hair whilst maintaining healthy hair. 


    What techniques do I learn?

    • Scalp bleaching
    • Ombre
    • Toning hair
    • High Lift Colouring
    • Highlights 


    Why do this course?

    Chemicals dont kill hair people do. this coursecovers the science behind bleaching hair and our imitations. this course covers how to colour blonde hair and tone. using the latest techniques this course also covers how to obre hair. The techniques you learn will enable you to grow as a hairstylist and be able to say i can rather than i cant. Thats the WIG LONDON WAY.


    What course should I do next?

    • Creative colour
    • Advanced Colouring
    • Haie extensions

    Understanding Blondes

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