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Becoming Texture Neutral

Is this course for you?

This course is for salon owners and stylists that want to be introduced into how there can make there salon or buiness texture neutral.


What does this course cover?

    This course introduces you to the world of textured hair and will cover products needed, different hair types and products that would be required.


    What techniques do I learn?

    • Identifying different hair types
    • The importance of beoming texture neutral
    • Terminology
    • Consultation of yoursalon / buiness to see how it can be adapted to become texture neutral
    • Product knowledge 


    Why do this course?

    Every hairdresser needs to become texture neutral and more and more clients want to be offered a enclusive experience. Learning how to become texture neutral allows you to offer your services to every client! This course enables you to understand how offerening a texture neutral service witll benefit your buiness and what next steps to take to upskilling to all hair types. The information you learn will enable you to grow as a hairstylist and be able to say i can rather than i cant. Thats the WIG LONDON WAY.


    What course should I do next?

    • Blowdrying Workshop Textured Hair
    • 1 week Cutting / Afro Hair
    • 1 week Hair Styling / Afro Hair
    • Styling Curly Hair 

    Becoming Texture Neutral

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